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Zza-Zza, around the time she met her life-long partner.

Zza-Zza E. Tutit-Sorp (February 14, 1298 - January 18, 1377) was a French prostitute, lover of Bartholomew Brown and mother of Gramps. She was a normal person, having no magical powers at all.

Early Life Edit

Little is known of Zza-Zza's early life, except she came from a wealthy family and became a prostitute.

Later Life Edit

Zza-Zza became lover of the Catholic priest Bart Brown, with whom she had a son. Not wanting the priest's reputation to be ruined, they left the son to his cousin, William Brown, who raised him.

Zza-Zza eventually grew old with Brother Brown and died.

Appearances Edit

Zza-Zza has not appeared in any of the televised programs, but was mentioned by the writers in an interview.