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Little Hillbillytown


Robert Wetfart

Wetfart Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in Little Hillbillytown, and the hospital everyone it said town was born in.


The hospital was founded along with the town, by Sir Robert Wetfart. (It should be noted Wetfart was not his correct surname, but the one he took, due to having digestive problems.

Birth Certificates Edit

The hospital routinely hands out birth certificates to anyone born in the hospital, all of which follow the same basic outline:

We at the Wetfart Memorial Hospital would like to welcome the children of parents names into the world. On this day of date, in the year of Our Lord year, let it be known that child[ren]'s names, were born.

Hoping for the best,

Wetfart Memorial Hospital

However, some certificates, like the birth certificate of Rose Cotton, were known to be very rude.

Appearances Edit

Wetfart Memorial Hospital has not appeared in any of the televised episodes of the show but was only mentioned by in an interview.