Weirdoes: Many, Many, Many, Many Generations Later is an accompanying work to the show Weirdoes, circling around the earth in the year 3,500,000,000, in the last days before the end of the world. Although it takes place around the time of Revelations in the Bible, with the dead rising from the grave and the skies falling, it is put in a comedic light, with the ressurected dead being drunks and the characters suddenly saying: "Wait a minute, how does the sky fall? Isn't it just a bunch of air?"

The main character is Slash Glorgson the Five-Hundred and Seventy-Sixth, the last living descendant of both Slash Glorgson and Rose Cotton.

The name is a play on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The original title was Weirdoes: The Next Generation, but the writers noticed that it was actually "many, many, many, many generations later."