Hulk: "Hulk SMASH!!!"

Carl: "We get it, we get it!"

Sir Hulkus Incredibulus Smasher, (b. July 3, 1865) better known as The Incredible Hulk, The Hulk, or simply Hulk, is the father of Rose Cotton, Edward Pevensie, Lancelot, and Oliver the Third by Kang Cotton, with whom he was having an affair. He is a giant, as is his brother Ball Smasher, though, by deformation, he is green.

Childhood Edit

Little is known about Hulk's childhood, except that he was not born a giant, but as a child swallowed many steroids.

Adulthood Edit

When he was twenty he began seeing a married woman, Kang Cotton, with whom he had quadruplets; Rose, Lancelot, Oliver III, and Edward. After the kids were left with Kang's husband Jerry, the two ran off together and were married.

3000 Edit

In the year 3000 Kang met a distant cousin, Otto Mann, and divorced Hulk to be with him.

3001 Edit

Hulk was one of the many participants in the Battle of Little Hillbillytown, losing pitifully to his brother Ball Smasher.

Relationships Edit

Children Edit

The Hulk does not know any of his children well, and they all despise him.

Later DescendantsEdit

Hulk has not even taken the time to meet any of his later descendants, but only caught glimpses of them at family reunions.

Appearances Edit

Hulk has appeared in the last three seasons of the show Weirdoes: