Slashford Bandicoot Glorgson is the son of Rose Cotton and Glorg Glorgson.

Birth Edit

Slash was born in 1893 when his father, Glorg, an alien, abducted and raped four-year-old Rose Cotton, who had stepped through a time warp making her eighteen years old. His father became pregnant, as aliens have no specific gender (which makes one wonder how he raped her. For more see list of inconsistencies.) and gave birth to him and his brother Sam, and put Rose back on earth.

His father, and uncle Flarg Glorgson, who lived with him were proud of Slash, who inherited their alien traits, but left Sam, who had no powers, on earth to be raised by the human Gamgee family.

Childhood Edit

Slash was raised by his father and uncle, in what was a swinging lifestyle.

Adulthood Edit

When Slash came of age he decided to go to earth and find his mother, and so left his uncle and father. Shortly after he left, his uncle died, and Glorg followed Slash to catch up and tell him.

Slash landed in Little Hillbillytown and met his mother and his brother Sam, surprised to find out the two were in an inbred marriage. After being rejected by his mother, Slash left and lived with a group of wizards who were hiding from his mother, who had become mayor of the town and started attacking anyone who was not a normal human.

Eventually he married Lisa Simpson, put in hiding because of her deformation (yellow skin), with whom he had septuplets. Sadly, she died a year into their marriage and he married Neilla Armstrong, with whom he had yet more septuplets. The two got a divorce within the year and he had sex with a Giant Baby, with whom he had a Retarded Pirate.

Slash participated in the Battle of Little Hillbillytown.

Appearances Edit

Slash has appeared in all four seasons of Weirdoes: