Sir Lancelot Cotton the First (May 25, 1899 - March 2, 3000) is the deceased son of Kang Cotton and the Hulk. He was one of four quadruplets, his siblings being Rose, Oliver, and Edward Cotton.

Birth Edit

Kang: "What the heck is this?"

Hulk: "Our baby."

Kang: "Whenever my husband sees it he's gonna be mad. Isn't there anyway we can get rid of it?"

Hulk: "HULK SMASH!!!"

Lancelot was born in 1889 to non-married parents, the Incredible Hulk and Kang Cotton. He was one of four quadruplets. He was born at the Wetfart Memorial Hospital, which expressed it's displeasure at his illegitimacy through his birth certificate:

We at the Wetfart Memorial Hospital would like to welcome the children of the wickedly unmarried Hulk Smasher and Kang Cotton into the world. On this day of 25 May, in the year of Our Lord 1899, let it be known that the bastards, Rosemary R. Cotton, Lancelot P. Cotton, Oliver J. Cotton, and Edward E. Cotton, were born.

Hoping those bastards take a bullet to the head to make way for us good, respectable folk,

Wetfart Memorial Hospital


Because she was having an affair, Kang, Lancelot's mother, ran out on her husband and Lancelot and his siblings were scattered. Lancelot was sent to live with his mother's former brother-in-law, Palpatine.

Adulthood and Death Edit

After his "Uncle" Palpatine became evil emperor of the galaxy, Lancelot went to live near his sister Rose in Little Hillbillytown.

While there, she often visited him for advice, until he died when his testicals were ripped off after getting stuck in his armor.

Legacy Edit

Even though he had died, his legacy went on, and his sister's son, Slash, named one of his children after him.

Appearances Edit

Lancelot appears in the first season of the show Weirdoes: