Samwise Gamgee, better known as Sam and born Samwise Glorgson is the son of Glorg Glorgson and Rose Cotton (also his wife), as well as the brother of Slash Glorgson. Unlike his alien father, three-quarter alien brother, and half-alien mother/wife, Sam has no alien powers whatsoever.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Sam was born, alongside his twin brother Slash, when Glorg Glorgson raped Rose Cotton. Although Slash was loved by Glorg for inheriting his alien qualities, when he saw that Sam had no powers, his father left him on Earth, where he was raised by the Gamgee family.

School Days Edit

At age 12, Sam was accepted at Lantern Academy under Headmistress Uptight. Although a promising and intellegent student who skipped four grades, Sam was also a rebel at school. The reason for this is that at Lantern Academy students are required to carry around unlit lanterns, which they must light when told, but Sam only lit his lantern when he wanted to.

During his senior year, 1917, he began dating Rose Cotton, who was 4 years older than him but in the same grade because of all the years he had skipped, and after his graduation he married her on the site of the newly-built Camden Amusement Park. Later that same year, Sam and Rose had a son, James, who was born 50-feet-tall.

Although Rose's biological father, the Hulk, had been a giant, it was uncommon for the Giant Gene to appear more than once within 100 generations, and they had a test done to see what had gone wrong.

The results showed that incest had been involved, and they learned that Sam was Rose's son by Glorg. By this time they were already in love, however, and did not get a divorce. Despite James' abrnormality, he was raised to be as normal as possible, taught to always wear plain suit-jackets and to sit at a 20 story desk.

Sam confronted and asked him to tell her about his childhood. Sam told Rose about his brother, Slash, and that Slash had been born an alien, unlike himself who had inherited Rose's humanity.

Rose took all precautions to ensure Slash never arrived at her home, fearing his abnormality, including stealing the Horny Horn from her Grandma Belinda, which she believed when blown temporarily destroyed magical and alien powers in nearby weirdoes.

That same year, Rose ran for mayor of Little Hillbillytown. After she won the election she declared herself Mayor For Life, which, being a witch, was forever. She also, to "civilize" the town, renamed it Rose Town.

1918-2999 Edit

Rose: "I hate weirdoes! Don't you, Sam?

Sam: "Huh? Oh! Uh... Yeah, yeah whatever... They suck...."

During the years 1918 through 2999 a large number of aliens and wizards immigrated to Rose Town, and were instantly forced to the lowest levels of life by Rose and her merciless Horny Horn. During the first veiw of the town in Season One, Rose's house, a Victorian mansion is seen rising above an empty street. To the sides of the street are ruins of a town, with dark sihlouttes running around in a frightened manner within them. The sihlouttes are aliens and wizards, forced into hiding by Rose.

During these times of hardship, Sam became a pushover and pretended to support Rose's campaign against weirdoes.

3000 Edit

In the year 3000, during an ordinary spring day, Sam was lounging on his roof along with his wife. As they enjoyed the weather, a tiny dot appears in the distant sky, and as it came closer it becomes obvious it is an alien flying toward Rose Town.

When Rose notices the alien, she blows her horn angrily and waits for his powers to stop and him to fall from the sky. However, he remains flying and introduces himself as Slash, Sam's brother. Rose immediately throws a fit.

During this year, Rose is also in a fight with Sam, causing watchers to yell "Jerry, Jerry!", and Jerry Springer, Rose's stepfather appeared for the first time in centuries and yelled "What?" Jerry ends up staying with Sam and Rose.

3001 Edit

Sam had befriended Slash by the next year, although pretended not to have in front of Rose.

During the end of the year the Battle of Little Hillbillytown took place, in which all of the citizens fought for the right to rule the town. Sam fought, but was quickly defeated. In the end, Oliver the First, the most powerful wizard in the world won and became the first king of Little Hillbillytown.

Physical Appearance Edit

Sam has blonde hair and blue eyes. He, like his wife, is known for his plainness, often wearing a plain brown cloak.

Relationships Edit

Parents Edit

Sam loves his mother/wife very much, both familially and sexually.

He does not however, care for his father Glorg, who abandoned him.


Sam loves his mother/wife very much, both familially and sexually.

Son Edit

It is unknown if Sam actually loved he and Rose's son James Jameson, but he certainly raised and formed him.

Appearances Edit

Sam has appeared in all four seasons of Weirdoes: