Oliver Jerry Cotton the Third (b. May 25, 1899) was the brother of Rose, Lancelot, and Edward Cotton, and the son of Kang Cotton and the Hulk.

Life and Death Edit

After Oliver was born, he, like his siblings, was scattered to live with seperate gaurdians. Oliver was sent to an unknown orphanage, and was never seen again. Not much is known about him, as he died before the series began, and his name was only mentioned once by Palpatine, who, when rattling things off about Rose and her siblings, said that he "never had much to do with Oliver."

Legacy Edit

Oliver went on to pass his names on to two of his great-nephews; Oliver the Fourth and Oliver the Fifth.

Appearances Edit

Oliver has not appeared in any of the televised episodes of the show but was only mentioned by Palpatine once.