Oliver Brown the First was the child of Gramps and St. Bertha, and the father of Jerry, Palpatine, Oliver, and Daredevil Brown. He is the most powerful wizard in the world.

Birth Edit

Oliver was born in Boston, Massachussetts in 1768, the first person in his family to be born in America.

Childhood Edit

As a child, Oliver witnessed the Boston Massacre, although in later years he would exagerrate his minor part to full service in the American Revolutionary War.

Adulthood Edit

As a young adult, Oliver moved to Missouri and founded Little Hillbillytown. He was also married off to his father's old friend, John Henry's daughter, Belinda Kenobi, with whom he had four children.

In 1861, he and his son Jerry joined the American Civil War, and came back war heroes. It was then that Oliver gave his title of mayor of Little Hillbillytown to his son.

Oliver went on to have services in several other wars, until very late in his immortal life, when he participated in the Battle of Little Hillbillytown, beating his sons and becoming the king of the town, before being knocked unconcious and waking up a year later, in 3002.

Legacy Edit

Oliver passed on his name to a son, a step-grandchild, and two step-great-great-grandchildren, Oliver the Fourth and Oliver the Fifth.

Appearances Edit

Oliver has appeared in the last two seasons of Weirdoes: