Montegomery Palpatine, usually shortened to Monty or Palpatine, commonly known as "Uncle Palpatine," is the brother of Jerry Springer, Daredevil, and Oliver the Second. He is the step-uncle of Rose Cotton and raised her brother Lancelot from birth.

Early Life Edit

Little is known about Palpatine's early life, except, unlike his brother Jerry, he embraced the idea of being a wizard, and formed the band of wizards known as the Sith. He raised Lancelot Cotton until the boy turned of age and Palpatine set out to conquer the galaxy.

Later Life Edit

Job Interviewer: "So why did you leave politics?"

Palpatine: "My apprentice threw me into an 800 mile shaft directly into the heart of the Death Star!"

Palpatine spent many years as Emperor of the Galaxy, until his apprentice, Darth Vader, pushed him down an 800 mile shaft into the heart of the Death Star. It became common belief that he had died, though really he only lost an eyeball. He left to return to his "neice" Rose's home in Little Hillbillytown.

When he arrived his brother Jerry and him entered a vicous duel for him becoming a Dark Wizard, however the two forgot what they were doing and left to get some rice pudding.

Physical Appearance Edit

Darth Vader: "He ugly."

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Palpatine gets on well with most of his family, remaining neutral on most of their arguments.

Friends Edit

Palpatine is a hermit and has few friends.

Others Edit

Palpatine hates basically everyone else.

Appearances Edit

Palpatine has appeared in the last two seasons of Weirdoes: