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The town was founded in 1783 by Oliver Brown, who subsequently became its first mayor until 1865, when, after his son, Jerry, returned from the American Civil War and was made the new mayor [1]. He held this title until 1917, when his daughter, Rose, took the position [2].

During her reign as totalarian "mayor for life", the town was renamed Rose Town and flung into economic recession [3].

Finally, in 3001, Mayor Rose was briefly possessed by the ghost of Ozzy Osbourn, who made her declare her own son, Slash Glorgson, the new mayor [4].

Later that same year, the town entered a battle, with everyone participating, and the prize being no less than king of the soon-to-be monarchy. After a bloody fight, the same Oliver who originally founded the town beat his competition, his sons Palpatine and Jerry, before being knocked unconcious by a low-flying airplane and waking up a year later to take the throne [5].

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The town has appeared in every season of the show Weirdoes:

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