Lisa Marie Simpson the First, known after her marriage to Slash Glorgson as Lisa Marie Glorgson the First, was the first wife of Slash Glorgson, and mother of his children.

Early Life Edit

Lisa was born to Homer and Marge Simpson. She was the younger sister of Bart Simpson, and the older sister of Maggie Simpson, and Apu Nahasapeemapetilan was her adopted brother. She spent her early life being neglected by Rose Cotton, her hometown's evil mayor, because she, like her entire family, was born with magical powers and yellow skin.

Later Life Edit

When Rose's alien son Slash arrived in the town and was also neglected, they met and married, ending up having septuplets. Sadly, that same year Lisa died.

Legacy Edit

Lisa left her name to her daughter, as well as her husband's granddaughter by his second wife.

Appearances Edit

Lisa appears in the second season of the show Weirdoes: