Lantern Academy


Never Tickle A Sleeping Bear


Little Hillbillytown


Headmistress Uptight

Lantern Academy is the most prestigous (and only) school in Little Hillbillytown, headed by Headmistress Uptight, the immortal dean of the university.

History Edit

Lantern Academy began sometime early in the history of the town as a school that did not segregate aliens, wizards, and normals alike. It was founded and headed by Headmistress Uptight, a witch.

Scholarly Beliefs Edit

The academy takes in students at a preparatory capacity at age 12, and they graduate at age 18, and in that way it takes the place of a junior high and high school alike.

It believes in making students carry around kerosene lanterns, which they are only permitted to light when the headmistress says, which is supposed to build character. An exception to this was Sam Gamgee, a rebellious pupil who only lit his lantern when he wanted to. He was also notable for skipping four years at the school for high intellegence.

Appearances Edit

Lantern Academy has not appeared in any of the televised episodes of the show but was only mentioned by the writers in an interview.