Kang Kodos Cotton (born April 19, 1844) was the mother of Rose, Lancelot, Edward, and Oliver Cotton through her lover, the Hulk, while she was married to Jerry Springer.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Kang's early life, except she was born on the planet Rigel 7 and at some point married Jerry Springer.

Marriage to Jerry Springer Edit

While she was married to Jerry Springer, she cheated on him with the Incredible Hulk and delivered quadruplets. The children were scattered and she ran off with the Hulk to get married.

Marriage to the Hulk Edit

She was married to the Hulk for many years, until 3000, when, at a family reunion, she met Otto Mann, a relative of her ex-husband, and married him.

Marriage to Otto Mann and After Edit

While she was married to Otto Mann, they had one child, Bart Mann, who they forgot at an airport as an infant and haven't seen since.

She later grew tired of Otto and pushed him out the side of a moving spaceship, whether he is alive or not is unknown, but she returned to Earth and currently lives with her daughter Rose.

Relationships Edit

Husbands Edit

Kang is a scarlet woman, unable to hold loving relationships with a man for very long, and doesn't really care for any of her partners.

Children Edit

Kang doesn't care much for her children, but thinks of them more as friends.

Later DescendantsEdit

Kang has not even taken the time to meet any of her later descendants, but has only caught glimpses of them at family reunions.

Appearances Edit

Kang has appeared in the last three seasons of the show Weirdoes: