Jerry Springer (born Jerry Brown January 1, 1843) is a very powerful wizard who raised the daughter of his wife by an affair as his own from birth.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Jerry Brown was born in the mid-nineteenth century to Oliver Brown and Belinda Kenobi. He was raised as a great friend with his brother Palpatine and never got to really know his brothers Daredevil and Oliver the Second.

Civil War Edit

At age 18, Jerry Brown, along with his father Oliver, joined the Union army. Jerry changed his name to Springer, to avoid being sorted into the alphebetically-organized cabins with Jerrx "Poop Myself" Browm and Jerrz "Barf Bag" Browo. Becoming a war hero, he returned home to Little Hillbillytown and was made the new mayor.

World War I Edit

He soon married a young alien woman named Kang Cotton, but she left him in 1899 when she had quadruplets by the Hulk, her adulterous lover. One of the daughters, Rose Cotton, he raised as his own, and taught her to hate magic, which he hated because of his cheating alien wife, despite the fact he was magical himself, but vowed never to use his abilities.

In 1917, during World War I, he left as a fighter pilot over Germany and was shot down by the Red Baron, and both of his legs were broken in the resulting crash. With nothing but a large supply of water, food, and magical spellbooks, Jerry was forced to wait out the time until his legs healed.

That same year, his brother Palpatine set out to conquer the galaxy and became a Dark Wizard, forming the evil society known as the Sith.

1918 - 2999 Edit

Jerry studied the spellbooks for over a millenium, and when he finally emerged, healed, he had a large white beard and a powerful magical aura.

3000 Edit

During this year, Rose, Jerry's step-daughter, was in a fight with her husband, Sam Gamgee, causing watchers to yell "Jerry, Jerry!", in reference to the Jerry Springer show (coincedence) and Jerry, appeared for the first time in centuries and yelled "What?"

He decided to settle down and live with Rose in his old age.

3001 Edit

Jerry, who has been living a quiet life, is shocked when his brother Palpatine shows up, and also angered because he has become a Dark Wizard. The two do battle, and Jerry proves his magical skill, and also his senility when he forgets what is happening and leaves for rice pudding, befriending Palpatine once more.

During the end of the year the Battle of Little Hillbillytown took place, in which all of the citizens fought for the right to rule the town. Jerry fought alongside Palpatine, and nearly beat his father, who won. Jerry was also knocked unconcious until the next year.

Relationships Edit

Parents Edit

Jerry loves his parents, Oliver and Belinda, and they have reconciled, believing in the glory of magic.

Rose Cotton Edit

Despite not his biological daughter, Jerry raised Rose from birth and considers her his daughter, even though she dislikes magic.

Appearances Edit

Jerry Springer appeared in the last three seasons of the show Weirdoes: