James Jonah Jameson, born James Jonah Gamgee is the son of Rose Cotton and Sam Gamgee.

Birth Edit

Jameson was born a giant to Rose Cotton and Sam Gamgee shortly after the two eloped in 1917. Although his grandfather, the Hulk, had been a giant, it was uncommon for the giant gene to appear more than once every 100 generations, and his parents had a test done to see what had gone wrong.

They soon discovered he was born deformed due to incest, and the two discovered they were mother and son, but stayed together to raise their son.

Childhood Edit

It is unknown if his parents loved him, but they raised him to be as normal as possible, going so far so as to change his name from Gamgee to the more normal name Jameson, and he grew up wearing business suits and sitting at a 20-story desk.

Adulthood Edit

While he was an adult, Rose's other child, Sam's brother, an alien named Slash, showed up, pleaing on Rose to take him in as her son. She refused however, because he was so abnormal.

Growing jealous of James, Slash kicked him square in the chest sending him to a coma from which he can never fully recover, all of his immortal life.

Appearances Edit

James has appeared in all of the seasons of the show Weirdoes, although only in a coma since the first season. He has appeared in seasons one, two, three, and four.