Glorg Glorgson was the swinger alien father of Slash Glorgson and Sam Gamgee by a woman he raped, Rose Cotton.

Young AdulthoodEdit

Not much is known about Glorg's earlier life, except that he travelled the galaxy picking up women with his brother Flarg.

In 1903, four-year-old Rose Cotton accidently stepped through a time warp and was given the body of an eighteen-year-old. Glorg immedeatly abducted her in his spaceship and raped her, immediately becoming pregnant himself. This is an inconsistency, because, after becoming pregnant, he stated he had no specific gender. This makes one wonder how he raped her.

Rose suddenly returned to her four year old body, and he landed her back in her hometown of Little Hillbillytown, and gave birth to the two children, Slash and Sam Glorgson.

He was proud of Slash, who inherited his alien gene, but not of Sam who took a normal appearance and had no powers, and so he left Sam on Earth, in the same town as Rose, and he was raised by the Gamgee family and took their surname.

And so Glorg and Flarg continued their lifestyle of swinging, and rubbed it off on Slash.

Death Edit

Later in life, Slash left the household, and went back to earth to find his mother. After he left, Flarg was eaten by a monster, and Glorg followed Slash back to Earth.

When he arrived there, he found that Slash was being neglected by Rose, and, before he could put an end to it, his head fell off.

Appearances Edit

Glorg appeared in the first season of the show Weirdoes: