Edward Edmund Pevensie (born May 25, 1899 as Edward Edmund Cotton) was the illegitimate son of Kang Cotton and the Hulk, and brother of Rose, Oliver, and Lancelot Cotton.


After being born of an affair his mother was having with the Hulk, Edward was raised by his mother in the vast expanses of the galaxy, and was treated most poorly. When he came of age he changed his name to Pevensie, because he hated sharing a surname with the woman who had mistreated him as a child.

Adulthood Edit

In adulthood, Edward was reunited with his sister Rose, and went to live with her in Little Hillbillytown. While there he began some upsetting criminal tendencies, such as creating and giving to townspeople his own poisons which "make you die in three seconds", which fortunately never work.

Appearances Edit

Edward has appeared in the past three seasons of the show Weirdoes: