Belinda Brown the First, born Belinda Kenobi is the wife of Oliver the First and mother of Jerry, Palpatine, Oliver, and Daredevil Brown.

Life Edit

Belinda was born, along with her siblings, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Samantha Kenobi, when John Henry raped a chicken named Kenobi on his father's farm. She was raised by her father, who befriended Gramps, and was thus married off to Gramps' son Oliver, with whom she had four children.

Preceding her marriage to Oliver, she was a prostitute, creator and user of the Horny Horn.

Physical Appearance Edit

Belinda, who looks exactly like her sister Samantha, is a short, curvy woman, who, like many witches and wizards, wears spectacular and colorful clothing, including pink robes and other clothing, going so far to as even dye her hair pink.

Appearances Edit

Belinda the First appears in all four seasons of the show Weirdoes: