The Battle of Little Hillbillytown was a bloody fight in the year 3001, taking place in the previously democratic village of Little Hillbillytown, in which every citizen was participating, with the winner becoming king of the newly totalarian city. Most people were injured or killed early on, with the final fight being a vicious and prolonged duel between Oliver the First, and his sons, Palpatine and Jerry.

Using his magical abilities, Oliver knocked his children unconcious, winning and becoming king, only to be knocked unconcious when a low-flying airplane ran him over.

When Oliver and his sons woke up a year later, in 3002, he was worshipped as King, and was surprised to find the town having been reconstructed, because most buildings had been destroyed in the midst of the fight.

Reenactment Edit

After they awoke from their unconcious state, Palpatine, Jerry, and Oliver performed a dramatized reenactment of the final battle, with several distinct differences from the actual battle, used to "make it more actiony", including having Oliver be knocked unconcious by a sports car in midair instead of a low-flying airplane.

Appearances Edit

The Battle of Little Hillbillytown appeared at the climax of the third season of the show Weirdoes: