Bartholomew Bartemius "Bart" Brown, is the step-great-great-grandfather of Rose Cotton and step-great-great-grandfather of Slash Glorgson. He was a Catholic priest in France, as well as being a normal person, having no magical abilities whatsoever. Although never married, he had a long-lasting relationship until his death with Zza-Zza E. Tutit-Sorp, a prostitute. He was the father of Gramps.

Early Life Edit

Nothing is known about Brown's early life, except he was raised in a very strict Catholic family and in adulthood became a priest.

Later Life Edit

As a young man he began seeing a prostitute called Zza-Zza, and she became pregnant with a son. So that he would not lose his respect as priest, he anonymously left his infant son on the doorstep of his cousin, William Brown, and his wife, who named the child William Wulfric Charles Montgomery Brown.

Brother Brown grew old with his prostitute and eventually died.

Appearances Edit

Bartholomew Brown has not appeared in any of the televised episodes, but was only mentioned by the writers in an interview.