The only way to kill wizards or giants is to smash their balls. This technique can also be used to kill aliens, although it is not the only way they can die.

Origins Edit

The first person to discover that you could kill allegedly immortal wizards by smashing their balls was a rabbi who attempted to circumsize a wizard, only to have a slip of the hand and slice off their testicles.

Causes of Ball Smashing Edit

The Horny Horn, which gives bystanders an erection, currently in the possession of Rose Cotton, while invented as a sexual stimulant by Belinda the First, can be deadly. If blown for long enough, the victims genitals will grow until they explode, causing instant death.

The giant brother of the Hulk, Ball Smasher, has been known to use his muscles to kill magic folk by destroying their testicles.

Cures Edit

The only cure for death by ball smashing is to give the deceased a new pair of balls, although this is a highly expensive procedure and usually is not done except by wealthy families.